The Join the group tours are public and open for anyone to join! Those who are interested in joining a group tour may get informed about when the smoke bat tours are being previously planned just by checking the booking system on the site!
For the group tours, previous booking is not required, however, especially on busy weekends, it is recommended if you want to make sure there is a saved spot for you. Otherwise, there is a good chance to find a free seat even without previous booking. The Join the group tours are being planned out daily.
The ticket price is €17,50 per person for an out of cruising through the city center! The price also includes the lemonade bar!
– Private smoke boat tours require previous booking, so those who are interested in booking one should send an email for a quote and availability. The ticket price for these tours start at €295,- for an hour of cruising. However, the price may vary depending on the group size or the day of the week. There is also a possibility for booking a longer tour than just 1 hour, but that should also be mentioned in the booking email.