Educational Cannabis

The educational cannabis cruise’s main purpose is to provide enjoyment, fun and most importantly, knowledge! Canna Cruise will give its customers the amazing opportunity to get well informed and deeply educated in everything that is cannabis related, and with that, also provide information on what exactly are: GemmaCert Weed testing machine, Rosin Press and Vaporizer, and how to use these items!

– The GemmaCert Weed testing machine is an innovative way of analyzing the flower and provides reliable composition and potency readings in less than a minute, without harming it or altering their efficacy and commercial value.

Lab testing can take a great amount of time and money, so GemmaCert Weed testing machine makes it much easier for growers, dispensaries, labs and home users. This device combines 3 technologies: spectrometry, image analysis and data analytic, to provide a real-time, reliable solution for measuring, composition and potency of the flower, and the results are being delivered directly to the user’s smartphone.

– Rosin Press is a device which combines heat and pressure to squeeze out resinous sap from the flower, known as “rosin”. This technique lets the consumer have a complete control over the transformation of the flower, in an all-natural and safe way, without the risk of compromising quality or chemically altering the end product. Making rosin involves minimal risk, the process is easy and simple, does not require the use of any foreign substances, in return it is leaving the consumer with a peace of mind, knowing they are by no means risking their health.

The process itself requires a flower, a filter bag for the flower to be put in, which later on will be placed between parchment paper and a press which will apply heat of 101.6 °C and at least 500 PSI of pressure for 60 seconds.

– The Volcano Vaporizer is one of the best and most functional system for releasing the flavor & aroma from herbs, spices, and essential oils. The Classic Volcano offers 8 pre-set temperature settings, unparalleled convection heating, and a balloon inflation system, which is carefully built to maintain precise heat control, being very gentle and avoid burning the material.

Vaporization is called the process of releasing aromatic compounds from herbs, spices, and essential oils without burning the material to produce smoke, and the Volcano Vaporizer produces pure steam which does not contain any dangerous combustion by-products like carbon monoxide, resulting in greater purity, better flavor, and superior effect!